Stopping the Pipeline Rocks: A #NoKXL Benefit Album


Image of Stopping the Pipeline Rocks: A #NoKXL Benefit Album

“Stopping the Pipeline Rocks” is a project of Bold Nebraska, Hear Nebraska — a nonprofit cultural organization that promotes music and arts — and Lincoln-based Red Rebel Media.

(More details and preview live performances from the DVD:

Artists traveled to the Build Our Energy barn, located directly in the path of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, to record an album in the barn that's powered by clean, local solar and wind energy. Hear Nebraska filmed the recording sessions and interviewed artists for a documentary on the album project and the story behind the construction of the barn. The DVD also includes another documentary on the creation of the barn.

DVD + CD = $25


1. Brad Hoshaw: “Gone”
2. Southpaw Bluegrass Band: “No Bigger Crime”
3. Gerardo Meza: “Hole In Your Heart”
4. The Bottle Tops: “Power of Thought”
5. McCarthy Trenching: “Ogallala Aquifer”
6. Dr. John Walker: “Windmills Not Oilspills”
7. The Toasted Ponies: “Pine Creek Crossing”
8. Matt Cox: “Whipporwhill”
9. David Boye: “Song Of Desolation”
10. Dirty Talker: “Knocked Out”
11. Jack Hotel: “Sideways Lightning Blues”
12. Jim Pipher, The Toasted Ponies, Michael Semrad: “This Land Is Your Land”


Image of Stopping the Pipeline Rocks: A #NoKXL Benefit Album